School Counseling Services

  • Tim Watson

    Tim Watson

    Counselors Update

    Hi, I’m Tim Watson and I’m very excited to be back at Grantsville Elementary School. I am here on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. I will be at Crellin Elementary School (301.334.4704) on Monday and Thursday. Please feel free to contact me with questions or concerns.

    Elementary School Counseling Services

    The school counseling program at Grantsville Elementary is designed to assist students in decision-making and to help each child appreciate their self-worth. The counselor facilitates lessons, which may include such topics as mindfulness, collaboration, conflict resolution, empathy, coping with change, goal setting, career exploration, perseverance, and middle school transition. I will also be running small groups concerning divorced families, friendship issues and other relevant topics.Teachers, families, or students may make referrals for specific problems to the school counselor. The school counselor meets with new students entering our school to welcome and orient them to the school’s expectations and culture. I will also help coordinate our fifth graders’ transition to middle school.


    GROUPS: I plan on running two main groups this year.
    Banana Splits- This group is for students whose parents are experiencing a separation or divorce.
    Friendship Group: This group will help students get along better with others, control their emotions and how to make and keep friends.
    If you feel that your child would benefit from either of these groups please let me know ASAP.
    The groups will be set up so that your student misses the least amount of instructional time. The group will be 30 minutes long and last on
    average 8-10 meetings. Some of the friendship groups will be longer.