• Emergency situations may arise at any time during athletic practices, competitions, or events. Expedient action must be taken to provide the best possible care to the student-athlete who may be experiencing life threatening conditions or medical emergencies. An Emergency Action Plan (EAP) aids in planning for the worst in advance of any occurrence to provide the best possible care available. 

    This plan has been developed to ensure that all members of the athletic department are aware and are knowledgeable of the correct procedures involved within the EAP. The development of this plan included the athletic director, the certified athletic trainer, the supervising physician, the school administrative team, and the local first responders and emergency personnel. 

    The goal of this plan is to provide optimal care for the student-athletes of Southern Garrett High School, as well as student-athletes of visiting teams. It is also designed to give coaches and other athletic personnel instructions that are precise and easy to follow. It will allow everyone to be on the same page and make all those involved aware of the various roles in the circumstance they are asked to assume a role within the plan. 

    The Emergency Action Plan is a guideline with the understanding that there are situations that may arise that cannot always be specifically planned for. Thus, the Emergency Action Plan should be used in all applicable situations. 

    Southern Garrett High School Emergency Action Plan