• The mission of the Garrett County Career & Technology Programs is to provide education for all students that prepare them for high-skill and high-wage jobs in a technologically advanced, global society. The CTE programs are designed to prepare students for employment, further training, or both. The overall impact of the CTE programs, Career Development system, and School-to-Careers work-based learning opportunities are to improve preparation for technical and other careers, expanded career opportunities, provision effective development for all students, and the expansion of regional access to post-secondary education, further training, and employment for all students.

What Makes Us Special?

  • Our Career Technology programs are a fully integrated part of our comprehensive high school educational system. These programs are available to all students who choose them regardless of race, sex, age, color, religious belief, national origin, or handicapping condition.  Students enter career and technology programs through the elective process in the same manner as they do for other electives.

    Career and technology programs should be of such quality that training will enable students to enter entry-level employment and/or further education.  Career and technology education will contribute to a student's general education and by doing so enable the student to better cope with the demands of the workforce as well as the demands of living.

    We are currently working on new certification and credentialing opportunities to enhance our existing programs, and are always looking to add new opportunities for our students where possible.