Safety & Security

  • Garrett County Public Schools (GCPS) is prepared to effectively and efficiently respond to a multitude of emergency/crisis situations that may impact students, staff, and parents/guardians.
    A system-wide plan, the GCPS Emergency Response Plan, as well as emergency/crisis plans, individually prepared for each school, learning center, and administrative building, enables GCPS to respond to and manage a multitude of emergencies/crises. The system-wide GCPS Emergency Response Plan is continually reviewed and updated.
    Each year, schools update their emergency/crisis plans, which are then reviewed and approved by the Manager of Safety and Security. Schools are required to practice various fire, evacuation, and lockdown drills throughout the year.
    Each location establishes a chain of command composed of school administrators and staff who receive basic and enhanced levels of emergency/crisis preparedness training, conducted by the Safety and Security Manager or other trainers as deemed appropriate.