Title I

  • Title I Overview

    Title I is a federal program designed to provide support to students, Pre-K to 5, in the areas of Reading and Math. Supplemental funding is made available to qualifying schools according to Free and Reduced Meal (FARMS) eligibility.

    Title I Mission

    Parents, families, educators, and community members work together as partners, sharing the accountability and desire to improve the achievement of all students.

    Underlying Principles

    To achieve our mission, we embrace these principles:

    • Parents, families, educators, and communities are mutually accountable for increasing parental involvement in student achievement. This is a shared responsibility monitored and reported yearly to the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE).
    • Schools maintain a welcoming environment.
    • Ongoing training is provided by the local system to enable parents and educators to be full partners.
    • Schools respond to the needs of our diverse parents, families, and communities.


    Home/School Compact

    Each school develops the Home/School Compact with input from parents. It outlines expectations for teachers, parents, and students to focus on increasing the academic achievement of all students. Teachers review the compact with students and parents during the school year. Some schools attach a copy of the compact in each student's planner.

    Parent Engagement

    Parent Engagement Policy:

    Garrett County public schools consider parents as important team members. Research has shown that academic success is positively impacted when parents become involved in their child's education. All Title I schools implement the Garrett County Public School Parent Engagement Policy. Please utilize this link to view the Parent Engagement Policy.

    School Improvement Plan:
    Each school develops a Parent Engagement Plan as part of its School Improvement Plan (SIP). Parental input is solicited in the development of the SIP. The implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of the SIP are ongoing through parent participation and feedback. School Improvement Plans are available on the websites of Title I schools. Parents and community members are urged to review and comment on the SIP.

    Parenting Programs:
    Title I schools receive funding for providing family programs to enhance student achievement. Family programs differ from school to school, but may include:

        • Summer School
        • Family Math or Reading Night(s)
        • Book Clubs
        • Homework Support
        • After-school tutoring



    One effort provided by the Title I program is the process of addressing parental concerns. Should parents believe federal Title I regulations are not being followed, they have the right to make a complaint. Complaint forms can be obtained from Title I school principals, or by contacting the Title I office, 301-334-8900 ext. 8956, at the Garrett County Board of Education.

    Components Of A Title I School-Wide Program

    The purpose of a schoolwide program is to upgrade the entire educational program in a Title I school. The following components must be addressed in planning for a schoolwide program:

        • Comprehensive needs assessment of the entire school focusing on the achievement of students on the state academic content and achievement standards.
        • School-wide reform strategies are based on scientifically based research designed to address the needs of all students and especially low-achieving students.
        • High quality and ongoing staff development
        • Strategies to increase parent involvement
        • Plans to assist preschool children in their transition from early childhood programs to elementary school
        • Decision-making by teachers using academic assessments to improve student achievement
        • The use of additional, effective, and timely assistance for students to achieve proficiency
        • Coordination and integration of federal, state, and local services and programs, including violence prevention, nutrition, housing, Head Start, adult education, vocational and technical education, and job training


    Certificated Staff

    The 2015 Every Student Succeeds Act requires that all Title I teachers and paraprofessionals meet statutory requirements. Parents may request information regarding the highly qualified status of their child's teacher and instructional assistant(s) by contacting in writing the Office of Human Resources at the Garrett County Board of Education, 40 South Second Street, Oakland, MD 21550.

    GCPS Parent Engagement Policy

    The Garrett County Board of Education recognizes that a student's education is a responsibility held jointly by the school, family, and community. The Garrett County public school system commits to promoting effective and appropriate parent/community involvement at all grade levels in schools.

    GCPS Parent Engagement Plan

    The Garrett County BOE will build a capacity for parental involvement by encouraging and inviting parents to participate in the education of their children by:

        • affording opportunities for input in the decision/policy-making process.
        • inviting parents/parent groups to participate in BOE meetings.
        • naming parents to serve on standing and ad hoc committees.
        • encouraging activity in the six major types of parent involvement.
        • publicizing BOE meetings in school newsletters and on the school calendar.

    The six major types of parent involvement are:

        • Communications between home and school on programs and student progress;
        • Learning activities at home;
        • Basic obligations of families, parenting skills, and home conditions to support learning.
        • Volunteering
        • School decision-making, including governance, committee work, and parent organizations; and
        • Collaborating with the community to coordinate resources and services.

    The Garrett County Board of Education will develop community involvement in the educational system by:

        • encouraging the use of community resources & volunteers to augment programs
        • developing partnerships between schools and public/private service providers, business and industry, and civic and social service organizations
        • using public education facilities for meeting the educational, social, health, cultural, and recreational needs of all ages and sectors of the community
        • establishing community involvement processes in educational planning and decision-making.

    The Garrett County Board of Education expects each local school to involve parents at all grade levels in a variety of roles. They intend that each school develops programs designed to:

      • Develop activities and materials to provide effective two-way communication between parents and the school on local school policies and individual student progress.
      • Provide programs to assist parents in learning how they can help their child, including activities that are connected to what students are learning in the classroom.
      • Help parents develop parenting skills and foster conditions at home to support student efforts.
      • Support and encourage parental volunteer opportunities.
      • Involve parents in instructional and support roles; support parents as decision-makers, and develop their leadership in governance, advisory, and advocacy roles; and work with PTA/PTO leadership to encourage parental input.

County Parent Engagement Plan 2022-2023

  • Title I mandates each school system to design and implement procedures that ensure Title I schools meet parental involvement requirements. Garrett County's Parent Engagement Plan can be viewed below:

English Language Learners

  • Each school in the Garrett County Public School System, in collaboration with the Office of
    Curriculum and Instructional Programs will provide English Language (EL) services to respond
    to the range of needs of eligible English language learners. EL is a specialized English language
    development instructional program for eligible English language learners who need to develop
    proficiency in the four language skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing academic and
    interpersonal standard American English.


    1. An English language proficiency assessment will be administered by qualified and trained
    assessors to all students whose home language is not standard American English at the time they
    initially enroll in GCPS to identify English language learners eligible for the EL program and
    determine their level of English proficiency.
    2. Students participating in the EL program will be considered English proficient and
    Designated as Reclassified English language learners upon meeting the criteria established by
    Maryland State Guidelines.
    3. Performance of students who have exited from the EL program will be monitored by the
    An English language learner team in each school and appropriate accommodation will be provided.
    for a period of two years.
    4. Identification and program completion procedures will be evaluated periodically and revised.
    as necessary.


    1. Services of the EL program will be offered to all eligible English language learners and will be
    designed to accommodate diversity in student backgrounds and levels of English language
    2. The expectation for success for students participating in the EL program will be consistent
    with expectations for all students in GCPS.
    Additional information regarding EL in Maryland can be accessed here.

Principal Attestations 2021-2022

  • Title I requires each principal to attest in writing that his/her school is in compliance with Title I requirements. Attestations from each Garrett County Title I school can be viewed by clicking below:

Title I Parental Rights Brochure 2022-2023

  • The Title I program provides specific parental rights explained in this Title I document. To view the brochure, click the link below.

Parents' Right to Know Information