Automotive Mechanic

  • Automotive Mechanics I

    The students in this class are introduced to basic information on safety, tools, shop manuals, electricity, ASE certification, and vehicle maintenance. This class prepares students to more fully comprehend the classes that provide in-depth coverage of auto mechanics.

    Automotive Mechanics II

    This class presents four automotive systems to the students: 1) chassis and front end; 2) fuel systems; 3) automotive electrical systems; and 4) emission control systems. The construction and operation of the parts of these systems are studied. Also included in this course are troubleshooting and repair of parts involved in these systems. This sequential study is intended to provide a sound background for doing actual repairs.

    Automotive Mechanics III-M

    This class presents the four most complicated automotive systems to senior students: 1) engine tune-up; 2) engine service and repair; 3) automotive drive train; and 4) accessory systems. This formal instruction is combined with the students operating a small-scale automotive repair facility, and the opportunity to participate in two nationally ranked contests for high school auto mechanics students.