Agricultural Production

  • Agriculture Engineering-Structures

    An agricultural mechanics course designed to improve student skills in carpentry, electrification, and position welding. Other areas of study include rafter framing, agricultural buildings, and the construction of fences. Note: This course will be taught on alternating years (odd) with Agriculture Engineering-Power.

    Wildlife and Forestry Management

    Students will demonstrate introductory knowledge of the management of timber by-products, wood lots, and related wildlife. Note: This course can count as a Science credit if the student is not taking the course as part of his/her pathway. This course also meets the Environmental Literacy Requirement.

    Agriculture Experience

    Students will establish and maintain an FFA supervised agricultural experience program and submit various required records. This course does not have a specified class time and is conducted outside of school, including in summer. Students must complete an agricultural project.

    Introduction to Agriculture, Food, Natural Resources, and Mechanics

    This course is an introduction to the world of agriculture and mechanics. A general study of careers, livestock, plant and soil science, FFA, welding, carpentry, safety, and other mechanical skills.

    Principles of Agricultural Science-Plant and Greenhouse Management

    An in-depth study of plant physiology and processes, growing media, major agricultural crops, environmental effects upon plants, and pests of plants. This will also be an introduction to greenhouse management and plant propagation. The course also includes a study of the basic principles of landscaping. Curriculum for Agricultural Science Education course or CASE
    Note: With a teacher's recommendation, a student may repeat this course for an elective credit.

    Principles of Agricultural Science-Animal

    A general study of animal and veterinary science, including the physiology and biological functions of animals, as well as health, nutrition, reproduction, and care and management of livestock. Curriculum for Agricultural Science Education course or CASE

    Agriculture Production and Mechanics Management

    Students will design and implement an agri-business/production plan based on personal interests and industry needs. A supervised agricultural experience, exploration, and development program will be emphasized. Note: Students passing this course shall earn the required Financial Literacy graduation requirement.

    Agriculture Engineering-Power

    Students will demonstrate knowledge and skills in the maintenance and servicing of agricultural machinery and equipment. An in-depth study of both two-stroke and four-stroke small engines, including principles of operation, repair, maintenance, and servicing small engines. Note: This course will be taught on alternating years (even) with Agriculture Engineering-Structures.