• Welcome to the Northern High School “Husky Battalion” Army Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) Home page. We are located in Accident, Maryland and we are an award-winning JROTC Battalion that has been recognized for excellence since our founding in 2005. We are one of two JROTC Programs within Garrett County, Maryland.
    Our Battalion is very active. We have an award-winning Raider Challenge Team and a Drill Competition Team. We have just started a CyberPatriot Program this year in addition to the air rifle marksmanship team and our JLAB Academic and the Leadership Teams perform higher each year we compete. We routinely perform a variety of activities for the school and surrounding communities. We are also active with the local American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign Wars post in the area. Our cadets will participate in approximately 30 – 40 events every school year.
    Each year our cadets take a “Staff Ride” to the Civil War battlefield of Gettysburg, attend an annual JROTC Cadet Leadership Challenge each summer, and take an overnight field trip to Quantico Marine Corps Base. This upcoming year, the cadet leadership will conduct a Leadership Academy that will provide advanced leadership training for potential cadet officers and senior Non-Commissioned Officers, leadership training for current cadets seeking promotion to basic Non-Commissioned Officer ranks and basic leadership training for our incoming LET 1 cadets.
    The mission of Army Junior ROTC is to motivate young people to become better citizens. We turn regular everyday students into cadets that are confident, goal-oriented, outstanding leaders with the skills, experience, and knowledge to tackle life’s many challenges. For most cadets who participate in this program, their life becomes richer and stronger. Cadets become more focused on academics and their future. Grades have also been shown to improve in other subject areas. Career and educational options become available through JROTC. All graduate with purpose, clear objectives and goals.
    We are serious about the business of learning, following, leading, and becoming more informed. We understand that our actions and words result in logical consequences. We are positive about ourselves and others, and we look for the lessons hiding in each of life’s experiences…a way of life not for the weak-hearted or thin-skinned. We keep in mind that people and the world around us will respond to our contributions and actions.
    The “Husky Battalion” JROTC program is under the direction of the senior army instructor MAJ(Ret) Hershfeldt and works primarily with the Marksmanship Team and the JLAB Academic and Leadership Teams. The assistant army instructor SFC(Ret) Ramos works with the Drill Team and Raider Challenge Team.
    Enroll today, the train is rolling, and the ticket to ride is an open mind, a positive attitude, and the willingness to learn! Contact any JROTC cadet or instructor to learn how.
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