Reading Tips for Parents

  • Reading is one of the greatest gifts we can give our children. It allows us the chance to visit faraway places, learn interesting facts, and enjoy a conversation with our child(ren). While we get to enjoy the experience of a book together, we are also building key skills that add to the success of our child(ren) in school. Below is a link to a parent site from the Florida Center of Reading Research with strategies to support reading at home.
    Grab a good book and share the adventure with your child today!

    Featured question: Should I correct my child when she reads aloud to me?

    It depends on the situation, says Sandra. If your child is reading out loud for fun, it's best to just offer a gentle, quick correction and move on. But if your child is reading aloud as part of a more structured learning time, you should offer more guidance, such as encouraging your child to slow down and sound out unfamiliar words, and to check for understanding (e.g., does that sentence make sense?).

    Click on this short video for tips.